Introducing the builders at Baseline and Why You Should Consider Buying a Brand New Home

With the challenging buyers market upon us, buying a new build might be something to consider. Here’s why…

  1. VALUE: Some resale homes are priced above their true value, especially when considering that you might be paying more than what the home will appraise for during this tough, current market. Lot costs still remain lower than peak amounts which help to offset increased building material costs.
  2. OPPORTUNITY FOR PERSONALIZATION: Getting to initially pick what goes into your home vs. having to refinish certain spaces, can save money in the long run.
  3. QUICK MOVE-IN: Some buyers have available homes right now. Looking for a quick close without competing? This could the way to go.
  4. APPRECIATION: Research says that new Colorado home construction generally has greater home appreciation potential than older Colorado homes. Also, many new builds can build equity before you even move in. If you get in early by starting with an empty lot and waiting the 9 months for your home to be built, you could lock in the best price point and be sitting on equity the day you move in.
  5. ENERGY EFFICIENCY:  Requirements to increase energy efficiency by government and utility companies are forcing Colorado builders to incorporate new and more efficient technology in order to lower consumption, which in turn lowers your utility bills. This effort also benefits the environment. You will be limiting your carbon footprint, all the while saving serious money compared to a drafty older house.

I’d love to answer any questions you might have about a new build at Baseline or anywhere in the greater Denver area! Find more info here or contact me at