Where To Find Fall Color

Some might argue that fall is the best time of year in Colorado. The changing leaves and cooler temps are enough to put anyone in a cheerful mood! Wondering where to take in the sights this year? Here are 5 of the best places to find groves and groves and turning aspens in Colorado. See the map below for the best time to go.

Reimagined Spaces #4- Glam Living Room

Michaela Boushie of Addison Tyler Designs and I are excited to introduce you to Reimagined Spaces.  You are invited to follow our newest blog series as we showcase Michaela’s exquisite design talent using your spaces.  We will provide select applicants with a unique opportunity to have a space in your home reimagined. Our vision for this project is to connect homeowners with elevated home design assistance and have a little fun watching your space come to life. We all have a room in our home that “stumps” us from a design perspective. Allow Michaela to provide you with guidance and a professional design board created specifically for your space. 

We invite you to email us a picture of your space along with a short narrative of your dreams for that space.   If your space is chosen we will send you a short questionnaire that will allow Michaela to understand your vision, likes, dislikes and the design aesthetic that most appeals to you.  Michaela will create a design board and provide it along with links to the materials selected that compliment your space.  All reimagined spaces will be featured through this blog.

Let’s get started and have some fun with design. 

Today we are looking at a home that was recently purchased by a client of Carolyn’s in the Harvey Park neighborhood in Denver. This home was built in 1955 but recently renovated from top to bottom. The main level is stunning with an open concept living/kitchen/dining area. As a first time homebuyer, the homeowner had a great clean slate to work with, but was searching for some direction on where to start. (Both pictures show staging done before she purchased the home.)

The homeowner filled out a questionnaire that we provided so that we could get a feel for her likes, dislikes and the overall esthetic of the home.

1. What do you consider your style to be? Some options might be- contemporary, traditional, rustic, minimalist, industrial,  mid-century modern, bohemian, coastal, mediterranean, modern farmhouse, french country…  please add any others that speak to you.

I’m all over the place with this! It is a boho/mid-mod style home in my opinion. I want it to be homey, yet contemporary! Open to all ideas and opinions!  I have also attached a picture of the front of the home so you can get a feel for the style of the home itself.

2. Please list the room you would like help with and explain how you use this room.

Living Room – this is the first room you walk into through the front door. It will be used to watch tv, hang out and relax. The upstairs is a quaint space with an open concept. The living room is flows into the dining space, and the kitchen. It is a very open concept. 

3. What colors/patterns are you drawn to?  Are there any colors that you would like to avoid?

I have put some thought into this and think I would like to incorporate yellow into the space. I also like navy. Grey is what I was thinking for the primary color along with pops of color for accents. The entire top floor is white – white walls, white ceiling, white counter tops, white cabinets. I would like to make the space more homey. I really want ideas with what to do with the big picture window… open to all ideas. I did look at some unique roller shades, which caught my eye. I’d love your inspiration!

4. Is there anything in the space that you would like to keep?

The house is new to me and I am starting from scratch, so I do not have anything in the space right now. 
5. What is your budget for this project?

I am on a small budget being this is my first home. I would like to stay under $2000 to furnish the living room. 

Michaela of Addison Tyler Designs says “I picked furniture and décor that reflects a trendsetting, dazzling style. I wanted to give her a little bit of glam while still keeping in mind that this is a room where everyone just hangs out and relaxes.”

Option 1
Option 1
Option 2
Option 2

“It was difficult to settle on one design, so I created two different sets of boards for Paxton to consider. I went a bit fancy and used a mix of high-shine metallics and different finishes- in the wall mirrors, marble coffee table tops, and some fun artwork, while still keeping it comfortable with the sofas and chairs! 

My goal was to set a tone of relaxed refinement and pop of posh!”

This was such a fun space to dream about. We truly love watching your homes come to life!

Item Links:

Langly Yellow Arm Chair $239

Wingback Blue Chair $319

3 Piece Wall Art Work $101.99

Gold Urchin Sculpture $41.99

5 Piece Ball Set  $46.99

Gold Ball Table Lamp $88.99

Gold Ball Floor Lamp $142.99

Tripod Floor Lamp $137.99

Black Gold Wood Buffet $849.99

Coffee Table $157.99

End Table White and Gold $61.99

Sectional Sofa  $819.99

Gold Gray Carpet $69.99

Blue Water Color Area Rug $115.99

Shimmer Fan Wallpaper $1.98 per sq. ft.

Pink Panel Curtains  $47.44

Off White Curtain $30.29

Yellow Throw $47.99

SunBurst Wall Mirror $129.99

Yellow Tray Side Table $59.99

Pink Gray Graphic Wall Art $36.99

Glam Console Table $151.30

Please email us a picture of your space at reimaginedspacesforyou@gmail.com.  We look forward to transforming your space into one you love. 

Back to school tips for parents

This week is back to school week for most us here in the greater Denver area. As a parent it can be challenging getting many details out of our kids those first few days. How many times have you asked your child how their day was to hear “…fine…” 😑Regardless of what your kids tell you about their day, it’s common that change has them feeling a little unsure and unsettled.

No better time than now for 7 tips to help nurture your child’s self esteem. You are sure to see positive results in your child’s attitude and happiness when used as a daily practice.

Connect with your kids– show an interest in what they have to say, what they are playing with, something they created, etc. Showing them you SEE THEM makes them feel important.

Look for reasons to give a compliment– give them positive reinforcement when they accomplish something they’ve been working hard on. It shows them that you are paying attention and you notice their hard work and perseverance.

Let them choose– giving your kids a choice boosts their confidence because they learn to trust their own judgement.

Let them experience failure– failure can be a painful part of life for kids and adults alike, but by letting our kids fail, we can watch them pick themselves up and overcome it. Kids need to learn how to fail gracefully in order to build resilience and ultimately boost their confidence.

Let them help– kids feel important when they are able to help and contribute to the family/household. Find a small task that they are capable of that will help boost their self confidence.

Say yes– when we say yes to our kids it makes them feel like their voice is heard and valued. Constantly saying no can take a toll on a child’s confidence and make them shy away from asking questions in the first place.

Be a positive role model- the easiest way to teach your kids how to practice love, kindness and acceptance is to show them. Behave the way that you want your children to and they will begin to emulate your actions.

3 Must Watch TED Talks for Parents

  1. Jennifer Senior- For Parents, Happiness Is A Very High Bar Parenting + Anxiety is something many of us know all too well. There’s no manual on how to raise children properly, so the idea of raising children to a standard that isn’t actually determined is pretty darn stressful. This talk is like a big hug of ‘you’re doing okay mama’.
  2. Rita Pierson- Every Kid Needs A Champion A brilliant insight into the importance of connections and relationships between children and their educators. “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” The role of teachers in our children’s lives is so powerful. Having a teacher who believes in our children, who doesn’t just dismiss them and push them to the side, can be life-changing. 
  3. Reshma Saujani- Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection A great talk for parents of girls – challenging the way we approach our way of talking to our girls and how we encourage them in taking risks, rather than being ‘perfect’. It really makes you think socializing girls to be brave and the differences that can be made by closing the gender gap.