Moving With Pets

5 tips to help your pet adjust to your new home:

  1. Keep the same routine. Mealtime, walks and bedtime should stay as close to the same time as before as possible. This will help them adjust quicker. Although their home has changed, their life with you has not.
  2. Bring toys and bedding that smell like home. Dogs rely heavily on scent and a lot of new smells can overwhelm them. The familiarity of things from their old home can help bring them comfort.
  3. Let them explore their new surroundings and get their bearings by sniffing around and going room to room.
  4. Take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood or to a local dog park. This will help you both feel more comfortable in your new surroundings and the exercise and fresh air is an added bonus.
  5. For an anxious pet, be sure to give them lots of extra love and attention for the first few weeks as they adjust to the new place. Affection can help calm an anxious pet and build their trust in you and their new surroundings.