Self Care DIY’s

Maybe one of your goals in the New Year was to find ways to incorporate more natural products into your everyday life. We all know that non-toxic chemicals can sneak their way into just about anything these days. In order to use and truly enjoy clean products, you have to make a conscious effort in finding something that works for you. We have gathered some simple self care DIY’s with things you may already have around the house! Try one- you may be surprised by how much you enjoy it!

☆ Bentonite Clay Face Mask- made with only 2 ingredients, this mask is great for fighting off breakouts and getting rid of dry, flaking skin. To read the benefits of both bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar, click here.

☆ Lavender & Milk Bath- This hydrating DIY bath recipe will not only help relax you after a long day, but will also help soothe your dry winter skin.

☆ DIY oil pulling tablets- Oil pulling involves putting oil in your mouth first thing in the morning, swishing it around for up to 20 minutes, and then spitting it out. This swishing motion helps loosen plaque and clean between your teeth better than a toothbrush or floss ever could. It is even believed to be detoxifying. To make the process easier, whip up these tablets to have on hand each morning.

☆ Whitening Toothpaste- Many toothpastes contain ingredients that could be considered undesirable. This homemade toothpaste has only natural ingredients that can even help whiten your teeth! The texture may take some getting used to, but completely worth it to keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

☆ Detox Bath Salts- Pamper yourself while soothing away aching muscles and pulling toxins from your body. These bath salts made with epsom salts, himalayan sea salt and magnesium flakes can do all that!

☆ Whipped Magnesium Lotion- It’s the most efficient way to deliver the mineral to the site of pain, so that it can quickly relieve muscle pain, cramps and fatigue; reduce inflammation; and encourage regeneration of tissues.

☆ Simple Eucalyptus Shower Melts- Great to use for the dreaded congestion during those winter months. Find the recipe here.