6 design trends taking over in 2019

Maximalism– One of the best things about maximalism is it lets you tap into your creativity. Whether you have a small space or a large home, it’s fun to play with tons of patterns and decor treasures. But yes, there is a difference between maximalist interiors and cluttered interiors.  A maximalist interior has a theme and unity that creates a pleasing and welcoming space.  Clutter comes from the irrelevant stuff that offends the senses leading to an overwhelming desire to escape the room. Maximalism is here to inspire us to be BOLD in our home.


Primary Colors– While pastels and jewel tones were popular in the past couple of years, this year is looking bright. Bold colors like primary yellows, reds, and blues are making their way into your home. For those who tire of neutrality, bold accent colors bring personality to a room.


Curvy Furniture– These pieces can add a modern yet retro touch to any room they’re placed in.


Statement Appliances– Kitchen design is no longer just about countertops and cabinet colors. Many are taking the current trends into account when selecting their appliances as well.


Self Care– Decorating your home with self care in mind means incorporating elements that are pleasing to the eye, but also the body, mind and soul. Candles, crystals and plants are all great pieces to use.


Bold Wallpapers– Wallpaper is still making a comeback with even bolder prints being frequently used. Brighten up a small, dark space or create an eye-catching pop of color in your home.