Reimagined Spaces- #2 master bedroom

Michaela Boushie of Addison Tyler Designs and I are excited to introduce you to Reimagined Spaces.  You are invited to follow our newest blog series as we showcase Michaela’s exquisite design talent using your spaces.  We will provide select applicants with a unique opportunity to have a space in your home reimagined. Our vision for this project is to connect homeowners with elevated home design assistance and have a little fun watching your space come to life. We all have a room in our home that “stumps” us from a design perspective. Allow Michaela to provide you with guidance and a professional design board created specifically for your space. 

We invite you to email us a picture of your space along with a short narrative of your dreams for that space.   If your space is chosen we will send you a short questionnaire that will allow Michaela to understand your vision, likes, dislikes and the design aesthetic that most appeals to you.  Michaela will create a design board and provide it along with links to the materials selected that compliment your space.  All reimagined spaces will be featured through this blog.

Let’s get started and have some fun with design. 

Today we are looking at a master bedroom that needs a little more in terms of decor and special design elements. The homeowner is looking for a cozy feel in this bright and spacious master.

The homeowner filled out a questionnaire that we provided so that we could get a good feel for her likes, dislikes and the overall esthetic of her home.

  • What do you love in this room? I love the spacious size and the natural light this room gets
  • What do you dislike about this room? I don’t hate anything about the room it just needed some furniture and accessories to make it feel cozy
  • What colors do you love? I love bold colors- I love the rust and mustard colors and light blues and light gray
  • What colors would you rather not see in here? Red
  • Do you have a favorite look or style that you want to create? I want to create a cozy and relaxing environment since I do spend a lot of time in my bedroom at the end of the day.
  • Is there anything in the space that has to stay or needs to be worked around? There is a two-sided fireplace in between the master bath and the bedroom that has to stay
  • Are there any special needs that should be considered? I need very long curtains because I want to cover up a half moon window. I also have to have a ceiling light with a fan.
  • What is your budget? $3,500 to $4,000

Michaela of Addison Tyler Designs says “The goal of this bedroom was to create a comfortable and cozy environment while still having a touch of charming glam and elegance! My hopes were to brighten the room and make it a happy place in the home.”

“I love the rich and interesting materials and beautiful fabrics we used throughout the room, combining some furniture classics, but with a bit of a twist. 

My favorite pieces in the room are the beautiful King sized bed and the nightstands. The bed is definitely the showpiece of this room!  We were able to capture that luxurious elegant feel from the slight curve of the headboard and the extra-rich Maple wood panels, which are enhanced with a palette of finishes in leaf and Moonlit sand. The upholstered footboard and rails add a touch of softness and the lightly brushed chrome metal cap the legs for a crisp finishing touch. I love the charcoal anegre finish on the nightstands which are streamlined, but also really fun with the custom round gold pulls, gold tapered legs and the gold tassel key.  In the end, I believe we were able to achieve comfort and style for a very sophisticated, bright, confident and elegant space! And it is now definitely a happy place to hang out!”

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