Giving Back with the Faust family

As a Realtor in the Denver area, it is important to me to give back to my community.  Since 2013, I have made a commitment to donate 5% of my commissions on each successfully closed transaction.  My clients choose the charity that is meaningful to them and I make the donation in their name.  Since 2013, we have donated over $35,000 to over 60 different charities.  

As part of my Giving Back Campaign, I had the honor of donating today on behalf of the Faust family.  Their $250.00 donation to the Justice Run will benefit Hope Academy of the Denver Street School.  The Justice Run is a family friendly event to raise money and awareness for human trafficking and its victims.


Participation and fundraising efforts will assist survivors of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in the Denver-metro area.  When a young girl escapes or is removed from the grasp of sexual exploitation or sex trafficking, she often does not know what comes next or how to move forward.  Hope Academy of the Denver Street School is a local faith-based day school that seeks to ignite hope in survivors of these traumatic experiences and empower them to reclaim their lives, receive their high school diploma, and pursue healthy life choices.  In working toward these goals, Hope Academy comes alongside students to develop and complete individualized learning plans, explore their creativity, encourage self-expression through positive means, discover the larger world around them, and form healthy relationships.

It’s an honor to be a part of bringing healing, restoration, and education to young girls who have incredible potential to accomplish whatever they dare to dream!  Thank you Faust family for choosing such an amazing charity.

Since January, my clients and I have given back $7,475 back to our community.  Together, my clients and I are making a difference through my Giving Back Campaign.