The Truth About Selling Your Home

Selling your house may be something you’re considering.  Of course, everyone agrees that moving is one of the worst things imaginable.  So if you can get over the fear of moving, will it be worth it?  Here are some fact’s about selling your home and how difficult the entire process may be.

1. A clean, tidy house sells better.  Once you move, everything has to be packed away and taken out anyway.  So why not spend a couple days de-cluttering and deep-cleaning your home before it goes on the market?  This could be your greatest payoff depending on the current condition of your home.


2.  Price your home to sell.  This will make your home stand out when it hits the market.  You want buyers anxious to see your property and excited about the possibility of it being “the one.”  Oftentimes, when a house is priced too high, it sits on the market for weeks or months and people assume that something is wrong with it.  They will think that you are desperate to sell and will hit you with low offers, assuming that they have the upper hand.  Avoid playing these games by pricing it right in the first place.


3. Know that selling a home is an inconvenience. By recognizing and accepting that the next month or two are going to be hard, you are setting yourself up to handle the selling/moving experience better.  Meeting with Realtors, Appraisers, Inspectors, Lenders (and whoever else you may need), takes a lot of time and energy.  Preparing your home for showings and finding somewhere to be during them can be especially hard.


4. Picture’s and videos can sell a house. Over 90% of buyers start their home search online.  They want to see clear, bright, professional pictures that give them an accurate depiction of the home.  Show them enough to make them want to step foot inside your home and learn more about it.

lilly-rum-254496 (1).jpg

5. Complete repairs before listing your home.  If you have a large repair that comes up during inspection, buyers could likely try to negotiate list price at this time.  They are also more likely to be nit-picky about the minor repairs if something big is scaring them away.  Maintain your home and appliances (to the best of your knowledge) to avoid any further negotiations or potential back-outs.


Know that if you’re willing to invest the time and energy into preparing your home for sale, you should be happy with the outcome.  Don’t be afraid to make a move, just be prepared for the potential challenges along the way.