A year-long moratorium enacted by Westminster City Council due to sewer system threats

Early last week, Westminster City Council was briefed on the city’s sewer capacity, age, and condition issues.  In light of that, the City Council unanimously adopted an emergency ordiance that freezes acceptance of new, large scale, development proposals in the area served by the Big Dry Creek network for up to a year.

“The (sewer) system is now at a trigger point of risk that warrants both near-term mitigation measures, as well as longer-term expansion to support continued development,” a staff memo recommending the emergency ordinance read.  “Not addressing these system constraints is believed to compromise the health, safety, and welfare of the community with a level of risk that is not acceptable.”


Things to note about the freeze:

  • the moratorium applies to new development applications that would increase flows into the Big Dry Creek network
  • home reno’s or projects that will not add to the sewage flows will not be subject to the freeze
  • applications and pre-applications submiteed prior to the moratorium taking effect will be honored
  • the city will lift the moratorium before 12 months if possible, but its sewer contractor is expected to need 9 months to access the system
  • sewer rate hikes and municipal debt are expected to cover the costs of the emergency

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