Features that may increase the value of your home

Here in Colorado, we are known for our love of certain things- dogs and beer being two things at the top of the list!

When it comes to selling in Colorado, there are certain features that could help increase the value of your home. In fact, many of them are pet related. In a study done by Zillow, they found that pet showers can increase the sale price of a home by 19 percent in Denver, while dog or cat doors can increase the sale price of a home by 5 percent.

Home theaters are also an important feature for home buyers in Colorado. According to Zillow, those can increase the sale price of a home by 17 percent.

Other top features across the nation include professional appliances or chef quality kitchens. According to Zillow’s analysis, steam showers and professional appliances earned homes 29 percent above their expected values.

Zillow says millennials are also looking for homes with free standing tubs, pizza ovens and wine cellars. The study also found that homes with open shelving in the kitchen and subway tile sold faster than expected.