Hygge Home Design

Have you heard of the Hygge home design trend yet? Hygge is a Danish word that means coziness. It is a feeling more than a word- it is the ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures and making the ordinary more meaningful, beautiful and special. Our need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the little things has never been more strong than it is in today’s busy world. The Danish have established themselves as lovers of calm and as the happiest people of the world along with many other Scandinavian countries. It is frequently argued that this can be closely related to the concept of Hygge which is present in every aspect of Scandinavian life and design.

So how do you incorporate Hygge into your own home? Here are some elements to pay attention to:

  • Neutral Colors- Everything you add to your interior design should contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Using pastel colors like light greys, browns and creams will help promote a calm atmosphere. You can warm things up a little by adding natural, warmer tones also.
  • Use Candles- Denmark and other Scandinavian countries are rumored to be the main consumers of candles in the whole world. Candles help create an inviting atmosphere, developing a soft and more intimate form of lighting that is great for relaxation and socializing.
  • Add Texture- Soft blankets, decorative cushions and fluffy carpets can also help you enhance the sense of coziness and warmth. The Danish use a rich mixture of materials and patterns as a way of adding character and coziness to their relatively minimalist and simple interiors. They tend to introduce plenty of warm and natural materials, such as leather, wool and wood.
  • Keep It Simple- Use large mirrors strategically placed to help reflect light and brighten up dark corners. Avoid synthetic materials and rather focus on the warmth of natural wood in furniture and other elements. Remember the Scandinavian concept “less is more.”

What do you think about this design trend? If you have a room in mind that you’d like to add a touch of Hygge to, submit it to our Reimagined Spaces blog series and we create a vision board for you! Send a picture of your space to reimaginedspacesforyou@gmail.com!