Benjamin Moore 2020 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore announced their 2020 Color of the Year as First Light.

“We selected this hue as the color for 2020 since it represents a new dawn of idealism, design and living,” says Andrea Magno, director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore. “First Light 2102-70 reflects a new definition of the home—a shift in mindset from the material thinking to satisfying the core needs in life, such as community, comfort, security, self-expression, authenticity and ultimately, optimism.”

“We’re always looking at years past and evolving,” she says. “Last year’s Metropolitan was neutral and we did that on purpose. We said, let’s a step back, relax, and find the comfort in our own homes. Once we’ve done that, we’re really ready for the next step.”

“Now, let’s use color to express ourselves, be a little more upbeat, and happy,” she concludes. “We all need that optimism in our lives.”

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