Reimagined Spaces: This or That

Many people find themselves stumped when it comes to knowing how to decorate their home. One of the best places to start would be to narrow down what your home decorating style is. You could say the top 10 interior design styles are: Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Coastal, Rustic, Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Traditional, and Transitional. Today we are going to take a look at two of those popular design styles so you can see which one resonates with you the most.

Look through the following pictures and decide if the first image is more appealing to you, or the second.

If you’re more drawn to the first images in each set, then Coastal could be the decorating style that you’re attracted to most. Here are some tips on how to achieve the Coastal look in your home:

  • Coastal is not nautical. In the simplest definition, Coastal is beachy. Through use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic, it’s meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach.
  • Abundant light is the most important element in this home design. Window treatments should be minimal to not distract from the natural light.
  • To keep the vibe relaxed, incorporate natural elements by way of wicker, rattan and light wood.

If you’re more drawn to the second images in each set, then Farmhouse could be the decorating style that you’re attracted to most. Here are some tips on how to achieve the Farmhouse style in your home:

  • Farmhouse is warm, cozy, relaxing and full of charm and character.
  • A neutral color palette will keep your Farmhouse inspired space fresh, clean and current.
  • Mix and match furniture. Think about balancing out the natural materials in the room with things like plush couches, comfy accent chairs, and cushioned bar stools. You can also enhance the feeling of the room by layerings items like throw pillows and blankets into your design.
  • Add industrial accents. Not only are industrial pieces commonly based on the machinery used for farming, but they also happen to be experiencing a spike in popularity right now, making them the perfect common thread to finish off your look.

If you need some home design inspiration, we would love to help you and feature your space on our blog post series, Reimagined Spaces. We invite you to email us a picture of your space along with a short narrative of your dreams for that space.   If your space is chosen we will send you a short questionnaire that will allow Michaela to understand your vision, likes, dislikes and the design aesthetic that most appeals to you.  Michaela will create a design board and provide it along with links to the materials selected that compliment your space.  All reimagined spaces will be featured through this blog.

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