Home decor trends in 2020

A new year is here and with that comes new design trends for the home. In 2019 we saw plenty of two-toned kitchen cabinets, wallpapered accent walls and barn doors. Are those on their way out or are they here to stay? Only time will tell…

  • Wood Tone Cabinets– Natural wood looking cabinets are back in high demand in 2020. All white kitchens are seeing their way out and people are rediscovering their love for warm, yet neutral wood grain.
Source: Chris Loves Julia
  • Black Stone Countertops– Black countertops add a moodier vibe to an otherwise neutral space.
Source: Lark & Linen
  • Primary Colors– Bold colors are bringing the 80’s back in the best way possible.
Source: Paper & Stitch
  • Ceramic Pottery– Plates, bowls, vases, lamps- these decor items can be found in any room of the home and bring an earthy, organic vibe to the home.
Source: Hither & Tither
  • Cane Furniture– Cane furniture pieces are great because they are classic but also versatile. They can read coastal, traditional, bohemian or modern as far as design style goes.
Source: Angela Rose Home via The Jade Bennett
  • Vintage Decor– In the interest of reduce/reuse, vintage pieces are making a big comeback. Not only is shopping conscientiously good for the environment, but you end up with more unique items.
Source: girlfriendisbetter.com

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