Pick up a new hobby this winter

Another winter is upon us and that means colder, longer days with more time spent indoors will be here before we know it. Add in a pandemic and the list of things to do outside of the house dwindles significantly. Now is the perfect time to pick up a hobby you’ve always considered or to try something new and completely out of the box. We’ve gathered 5 ways to stay busy indoors during these colder months.

  • Knitting– known as a meditative hobby with calming effects. According to Knit for Peace, a network of 15,000 knitters in the UK who “knit for those in need,” there is substantial evidence to suggest that knitting is beneficial to the mind and body. It is known to reduce depression and anxiety and slow the onset of dementia. Where to start? Check out this article on 10 knitting projects for beginners to try.
  • Embroidery– another great way to self-soothe and keep your hands busy. No idea where to start? Start here. They break down the supplies you need and also teach you each every stitch possible. You could also consider buying a kit like this one to try for your first time.
  • Jewelry-making– create your own beaded bracelets or try some polymer clay earrings. Find the directions to the cute daisy chain bracelets here and the clay earrings here.
  • Hand Lettering– know as drawing letters as opposed to writing them. You also have more control over the letters with hand lettering as opposed to calligraphy. For that reason, hand lettering can be a great alternative for projects that are too large for calligraphy, like large chalkboards and other signage. Find beginner tips and tricks here. Find Brush and Barley on Etsy for digital hand lettering tools.
  • Make your own Christmas tree ornaments– we love these simple botanical ornaments from Martha Stewart. Fairly simple and inexpensive to create. Perfect to tie onto presents with a simple strand of twine to add your own personal touch.