Paint Colors of 2018

With still 8 weeks of winter left, now might be a great time to take on an indoor project that’s been on your to-do list for a while.  Painting a room is something that can easily be tackled in a weekend.  It is a relatively small, inexpensive update that can make a huge impact on your space.  Here are the top paint colors for 2018 to give you some inspiration.

Behr’s 2018 Color of the Year is In the Moment.



“This cool, tranquil, spruce blue is inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green. This comfortable colour evokes a sense of sanctuary and relaxation amid our busy, always-on lives. In name and colour, this hue speaks to our desire to take a break, be present and recharge. In The Moment is versatile and perfect to use for both interior and exterior projects. It also crosses multiple design styles, ideal for working with traditional, modern, coastal and global décor.”

To see Behr’s 20 trend colors for 2018, click here.

Benjamin Moore chose Caliente AF-290.



“Caliente is the signature color of a modern architectural masterpiece; a lush carpet rolled out for a grand arrival; the assured backdrop for a book-lined library; a powerful first impression on a glossy front door. The eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes. Harness the vitality.”

—Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Sherwin Williams 2018 Color of the Year is Oceanside SW-696


“A collision of rich blue with jewel-toned green, a color that is both accessible and elusive, Oceanside SW 6496, is our 2018 Color of the Year. A complex, deep color that offers a sense of the familiar with a hint of the unknown, Oceanside, bridges together a harmonious balance of blues and greens that can be found in what’s old and new.

The color blue evokes a multitude of moods and associations depending on hue, shade and application. Despite this variety, blues are universally perceived as intelligent, honest and interesting—making blue the most beloved color worldwide.

Oceanside’s multi-dimensional, marine-inspired look can create a welcoming statement as a lively color for a front door. Its green-meets-blue tone can also boost creative thinking and clarity of thought in a home office, or invite meditation and introspection into a bedroom or reading nook.

Oceanside is universal when it comes to design style from mid-century modern to Mediterranean-inspired, traditional to contemporary.”

Although bold, any of these colors would make a beautiful accent if you’re looking to stand out.  If something more neutral and calming is on your radar, check out Benjamin Moore’s off-white collection here, Sherwin William’s Pottery Barn line here, or West Elm line here.

7 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to brighten up your home this winter, look no further!  Here are 7 cost-effective, but highly satisfying fixes to bring some light back into your home.

1. Raise your curtains

Hanging your curtain rods as high to the ceiling as possible will make your space feel bigger and brighter.  Curtains should just barely hit the floor, so you may need to find extra-long curtains depending on how high your ceilings are.


2. Paint your walls

White paint will cause light to bounce around the most, but a light cream or grey can also do the trick without looking too stark.  Be sure to test a few samples on the walls to rule out any colors with unwanted under-tones.

3. Swap your bulbs

Switching out your lightbulbs to the highest recommended wattage will make a huge difference.  LED lights will drastically brighten the space while keeping your electric bill low.



4. Clean your fixtures

Regularly cleaning off your chandeliers and sconces will shed way more light onto your space.  The sparkly finish will help keep things light and airy.

5. Open shelving

Open shelves add more depth to small spaces.  They make a room feel brighter than it otherwise would with large cabinets or furniture.  Be sure to keep them tidy and clutter-free to achieve a less heavy feel.


6. Remove your screens

Taking the screens off your windows will let in 30% more sunlight indoors.  The sunlight will help warm your house and reduce your heating bill!  Store them in a safe place and be sure to put them back on in the springtime to reduce your a/c bill.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light which makes any space feel bigger and brighter.  Can’t figure out what to do with a big empty wall?  Hang a gallery of mirrors or rest an oversized one against the wall.  Both visually appealing and will bring plenty of light to the room.



Increase Your Home Value Now

Christmas time has come and gone.  Over the next few days, you will likely be taking down your holiday decorations and making room for the new presents and toys. Many of us will take this time to notice things around the house that could use some improving.  Whether it is your goal to sell your home in 2018, or maybe a few years down the road, this list of home improvements will help increase your home’s value and help you love the home you live in.

  • Paint: whether you paint the inside or the outside of your home, keep in mind that neutral colors appeal to the masses.  If you’re up for doing the job yourself, you will save even more on your return on investment.

Untitled design (6)

  • Updating the kitchen: analyze your current situation.  Do you need new appliances, flooring, countertops, sink and cabinets?  What can you fit into your budget?  Painting the cabinets and installing new granite countertops are sure to get you that “new kitchen look.”  For a much easier and less-expensive fix, install new hardware on your cabinets or add a backsplash.


  • Declutter: remove items that aren’t used on a regularly basis.  Clean and organize your closets and pantry.  Being able to find things quickly will eliminate unwanted stress from your life.  Keep things simple and neat and buyers will be able to picture their own things in your space.


  • Update your landscaping: keeping bushes and shrubs maintained and trimmed down, not only looks better, but can also let more sunlight into your home.  Your front yard is the first impression potential buyers have of your home, so make it a priority to maintain (or update) your landscaping come springtime.


  • Replace doors:  garage door, front door, screen doors.  Updating the exterior doors of the home will give you major curb appeal points.  Another less-expensive option is a nice coat of paint and new hardware.


You don’t need to have a massive budget to make big changes to your home.  Start by setting small goals with projects that you can take on yourself.  Give yourself time to complete them and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Whether you choose to sell in the spring, or settle in for the long run, your time and efforts will payoff.