Boost Your Curb Appeal By Changing Your Address Numbers

Looking to spice up your curb appeal with minimal effort and cost? Trading out your cookie cutter numbers for something more fun and unique is the perfect way to add a pop to the front of your home!

If projects are your thing, here are 4 DIY’s that you might consider trying:

1)Pretty Handy Girl has a great tutorial with detailed instructions on how to make this vertical modern address number sign and also how to hang it on brick.

2) A mother-daughter duo created this cute address sign entirely with hot glue. Solar lights and faux plants add some fun character. Find out how they did it on their post.

3) A Crafted Passion created this modern address plaque with vertical wood slats and horizontal numbers. Instructions and supply list found on the blog post.

4) This DIY herringbone sign will add some fun character to your porch. The DIY Huntress walks you through how to build this with a full tutorial and supply list.

If you’d rather buy an address sign, here are some great options:

1) Vertical address sign from Prince Wood Signs. You can customize your stain color, paint colors and numbers for $70.

2) These lighted house numbers are sure to make a statement!

3) This classic address sign by MICA Design Crafts is great for those wanting something unique but also wanting to stick with the same design style of their home. And it’s a great deal for less than $25.

4) This modern plaque by A1GraphicsLTD brings just the right amount of class to your front door.

5. If all you’re after is replacing the outdated numbers on your house, here are some beautiful modern numbers from Letter Cut to elevate your space.

Etsy: LetterCut

Barn Door Inspiration

Barn doors seem to be all the rage right now, and for good reason.  Not only do they provide both functionality and style, but it is also a fairly straightforward DIY project that most could handle.  If you thought that barn doors were only used in place of a bedroom or bathroom door, think again.  Here are 8 barn door projects that cover practically every room of the house.

1️⃣ These gorgeous double sliding doors, which lead to the laundry room, were created for under $150!  This DIY project by The Learner Observer is perfect for when you are short on wall space.  For the full tutorial, go hereDIY-cheap-sliding-doors-2

2️⃣ These glass paneled doors keep the space bright by letting in light when closed and also help to separate the dining room from the living area.  Buy your own barn doors

3️⃣ This fun loft bed is sure to make your kid’s think you are the coolest parents EVER! If you have a small room that could use some more floor space, this bed is a great option for an older child. breaks down the entire thing including a list of hardware and detailed instructions on her blog post.  loft bed

4️⃣ This pretty planked door keeps the mess of the hallway laundry closet nicely hidden. Found on decorpad.complank door

5️⃣ These double, sliding pantry doors have an industrial element, while also being clean and simple.  The window into the pantry should keep you motivated to keep things neat and tidy in there.  Found at pantrydoor

6️⃣ This chalkboard door is sure to please the whole family!  Chalkboards don’t come more gorgeous than this.  Would be a fun addition to the playroom or pantry.  Buy your own here. rustica

7️⃣ Home Depot has a great blog post on a DIY barn door window treatment.  Such a creative element to add to an otherwise simple room.  Read more about it herebarn door window

8️⃣ This custom sliding door created by House Seven Design adds a little bit of funky to the living space.  It is practically a piece of art, separating the two rooms.  house seven

I hope this gave you some inspiration on adding a little bit of fun to your own home!


5 Dreamy Laundry Rooms

Sometimes the smallest spaces can give you the greatest joy.  Why not make one of the dreaded household chores more fun by revamping your laundry room?  Take a look at some of the dreamiest laundry spaces around.  Whether you have a closet to house your washer and dryer, or a large walk-in space, there is something for everyone here!

☆ The green cabinets and gold light fixtures add a pop of color to this otherwise muted space.  With counter space for folding clothes and a drying rack, what more could you want?


☆ This one is sure to please the dog lovers out there.  This laundry room has a place for a dog bed that isn’t constantly being tripped over and even it’s own doggie wash area.  What a great use of space.  See more of this room on


☆ These hanging drying racks are great for creating usable wall space and saving floor space.  The farmhouse sink gives you a place to wash shoes or soak stained clothes.


☆ This laundry space has such a bright and airy feel with the light wood floors, white walls and pastel cabinets.  If you’re lucky enough to have natural light in your laundry room, enhance it by keeping everything light and simple.  A hanging rack, marble counter top, and a gorgeous farmhouse sink give you everything you could possibly want in your space.  Found here.


☆ This gorgeous laundry space housed in a hall closet, shows you that you don’t have to forfeit style because of a lack of space.  By replacing the bi-fold closet doors with vintage french doors, it showcases the space and helps keep things flowing.  To find out how did her entire laundry room makeover, click here.


Hope this has inspired you to make a change, whether big or small, so that you can appreciate one the most forgotten about rooms in your home!