5 Dreamy Laundry Rooms

Sometimes the smallest spaces can give you the greatest joy.  Why not make one of the dreaded household chores more fun by revamping your laundry room?  Take a look at some of the dreamiest laundry spaces around.  Whether you have a closet to house your washer and dryer, or a large walk-in space, there is something for everyone here!

☆ The green cabinets and gold light fixtures add a pop of color to this otherwise muted space.  With counter space for folding clothes and a drying rack, what more could you want?


☆ This one is sure to please the dog lovers out there.  This laundry room has a place for a dog bed that isn’t constantly being tripped over and even it’s own doggie wash area.  What a great use of space.  See more of this room on thisoldhouse.com


☆ These hanging drying racks are great for creating usable wall space and saving floor space.  The farmhouse sink gives you a place to wash shoes or soak stained clothes.


☆ This laundry space has such a bright and airy feel with the light wood floors, white walls and pastel cabinets.  If you’re lucky enough to have natural light in your laundry room, enhance it by keeping everything light and simple.  A hanging rack, marble counter top, and a gorgeous farmhouse sink give you everything you could possibly want in your space.  Found here.


☆ This gorgeous laundry space housed in a hall closet, shows you that you don’t have to forfeit style because of a lack of space.  By replacing the bi-fold closet doors with vintage french doors, it showcases the space and helps keep things flowing.  To find out how frenchcountrycottage.net did her entire laundry room makeover, click here.


Hope this has inspired you to make a change, whether big or small, so that you can appreciate one the most forgotten about rooms in your home!