Where do your tax property dollars go the furthest in Colorado?

A recent article in the Denver Business Journal discussed where in the state of Colorado are our property taxes being used most effectively.


Here are the top 10 places in the state where people are getting the most for their property tax dollars, according to SmartAsset, the New York-based personal finance company.  For a look at their full report, click here.

  1. Denver County
  2. Yuma County
  3. Lincoln County
  4. Conejos County
  5. Alamos County
  6. La Plata County
  7. Bent County
  8. Elbert County
  9. Crowley County
  10. Park County

The report evaluates school rankings, crime rates, and property taxes for every county in the state.  With the exception of Denver county, all of the counties at the top of this list are rural.