Back to school tips for parents

This week is back to school week for most us here in the greater Denver area. As a parent it can be challenging getting many details out of our kids those first few days. How many times have you asked your child how their day was to hear “…fine…” 😑Regardless of what your kids tell you about their day, it’s common that change has them feeling a little unsure and unsettled.

No better time than now for 7 tips to help nurture your child’s self esteem. You are sure to see positive results in your child’s attitude and happiness when used as a daily practice.

Connect with your kids– show an interest in what they have to say, what they are playing with, something they created, etc. Showing them you SEE THEM makes them feel important.

Look for reasons to give a compliment– give them positive reinforcement when they accomplish something they’ve been working hard on. It shows them that you are paying attention and you notice their hard work and perseverance.

Let them choose– giving your kids a choice boosts their confidence because they learn to trust their own judgement.

Let them experience failure– failure can be a painful part of life for kids and adults alike, but by letting our kids fail, we can watch them pick themselves up and overcome it. Kids need to learn how to fail gracefully in order to build resilience and ultimately boost their confidence.

Let them help– kids feel important when they are able to help and contribute to the family/household. Find a small task that they are capable of that will help boost their self confidence.

Say yes– when we say yes to our kids it makes them feel like their voice is heard and valued. Constantly saying no can take a toll on a child’s confidence and make them shy away from asking questions in the first place.

Be a positive role model- the easiest way to teach your kids how to practice love, kindness and acceptance is to show them. Behave the way that you want your children to and they will begin to emulate your actions.

3 Must Watch TED Talks for Parents

  1. Jennifer Senior- For Parents, Happiness Is A Very High Bar Parenting + Anxiety is something many of us know all too well. There’s no manual on how to raise children properly, so the idea of raising children to a standard that isn’t actually determined is pretty darn stressful. This talk is like a big hug of ‘you’re doing okay mama’.
  2. Rita Pierson- Every Kid Needs A Champion A brilliant insight into the importance of connections and relationships between children and their educators. “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” The role of teachers in our children’s lives is so powerful. Having a teacher who believes in our children, who doesn’t just dismiss them and push them to the side, can be life-changing. 
  3. Reshma Saujani- Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection A great talk for parents of girls – challenging the way we approach our way of talking to our girls and how we encourage them in taking risks, rather than being ‘perfect’. It really makes you think socializing girls to be brave and the differences that can be made by closing the gender gap.