Reimagined Spaces #3- Master Bath

Michaela Boushie of Addison Tyler Designs and I are excited to introduce you to Reimagined Spaces.  You are invited to follow our newest blog series as we showcase Michaela’s exquisite design talent using your spaces.  We will provide select applicants with a unique opportunity to have a space in your home reimagined. Our vision for this project is to connect homeowners with elevated home design assistance and have a little fun watching your space come to life. We all have a room in our home that “stumps” us from a design perspective. Allow Michaela to provide you with guidance and a professional design board created specifically for your space. 

We invite you to email us a picture of your space along with a short narrative of your dreams for that space.   If your space is chosen we will send you a short questionnaire that will allow Michaela to understand your vision, likes, dislikes and the design aesthetic that most appeals to you.  Michaela will create a design board and provide it along with links to the materials selected that compliment your space.  All reimagined spaces will be featured through this blog.

Let’s get started and have some fun with design. 

Today we are working on a master bathroom that needs a complete overhaul. Chad & Rachel bought this home a few years ago and knew that they would love to remodel the master bathroom someday. Due to an unforeseen leak and possible water damage, they are moving forward with the project now.

The homeowner filled out a questionnaire that we provided so that we could get a feel for their likes, dislikes and the overall esthetic of their home.

  1. What do you consider your style to be?  Some options might be- contemporary, traditional, rustic, minimalist, industrial,  mid-century modern, bohemian, coastal, Mediterranean, modern farmhouse, french country…  please add any others that speak to you.​ I would say our style is traditional with simple lines and a little rustic/earthy flair.
  2. What colors/patterns are you drawn to?  Are there any colors that you would like to avoid? We would prefer something in a neutral palate (shade of tan, brown, etc).  We also like rustic/earth accents like wood, stone, etc.   It is unlikely we will redo this bathroom again during the next 10-15 years of raising our family in this home so something more on the timeless side would be better than trendy.
  3. Would you like to have another (smaller) tub in the room or just a larger shower?I definitely want to keep a tub in the room but would prefer to downsize the tub and upsize the shower.  I do not want/need a jetted tub.
  4. Are you planning to keep the vanities/cabinets the way they are now?I feel the current arrangement works, but we would be open to suggestions!
  5. What would you consider your top 3 most important priorities you would like to see changed?1. Bigger shower 2. Smaller tub 3. Taller vanities with above the counter storage.
  6. What is your budget?Our budget is 15-20k.  Of course we would like to stay near the 15k price point as we will also need to gut our children’s bathroom which backs to the master bath.  The unknown variable is the water damage as we are unsure of the source and won’t know until we start ripping it apart!  The subfloor will definitely need to be replaced with some sort of a plumbing fix.
  7. Do you plan to do this all at once or in phases?​ We will be doing the master bath remodel all at once and likely the kids bathroom too depending on the source of our water issue.

Michaela of Addison Tyler Designs says “Rachel and Chad’s style is very relaxed and welcoming, they particularly love the look and feel of natural elements.

My main goal for this project was to give them an inviting bathroom that is effortless and beautiful! I designed this bathroom with that in mind, while also trying to emphasize a bit of modern flair into the design.”

“I used a few design elements that are simple and rustic, but also chic! The main pieces like the vanity, bathtub and shower system are beautiful pieces with exceptional styling and quality craftsmanship.”

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