How to celebrate life’s big moments during quarantine

We have reached unknown territory during these last few months as we all try to navigate life without in-person school, jobs and extra-curricular activities. It has been trying times for all of us, some more than others, but my heart goes out to those that should be celebrating life’s big moments but now have to either postpone them or figure out what that looks like with social distancing rules in place. If you or a loved one has a birthday, graduation or wedding in the near future, there are still ways to connect with them and create special memories that will last forever.

  1. DRIVE BY PARADE- take this opportunity to gather your closest friends/family and organize a parade. Ask everyone to decorate their vehicle as much as they’d like and to create personalized signs for your loved on to brighten their day.
  2. VIRTUAL PARTY- schedule a date/time for everyone to meet on Zoom (or another platform) to celebrate their loved ones together. Get creative! Set a theme or have everyone dress up like the guest of honor for some good laughs.
  3. Decorate your front yard/porch with signs and school colors as a tribute to your new graduate.
  4. Have friends and family send in video clips for you to edit together into a special tribute video that they can keep forever.
  5. Drop gifts off at their doorstep. Depending on the recipient- gift cards, outdoor toys/games, flowers or self care items are all good things to consider.