This #FoldingTechnique Will Change The Way You Pack Forever

With airline baggage fees constantly creeping up, people are doing anything to pack as much into their carry-on bag as possible. Interestingly, Homeland Security is now blaming the long security lines on this major increase in carry-on luggage.

Personally, I’m not the best at keeping things nice and straight when packing.  I typically just stuff as much as possible into the suitcase which leaves me with a wrinkly mess when I get to my destination.

If you want to try a very different approach to packing your suitcase in the most efficient way possible, look no further than this “bundle packing” technique. With this method, all of your clothes are wrapped together instead of folded, which makes them less prone to wrinkling. Check out the technique in action below:

One part of me is pretty amazed by this approach, and it definitely seems like a great way to pack as much stuff as possible. But on the other hand, it doesn’t appear to be very practical. If I need a pair of socks or undies, I have to unwrap everything.

What do you think?…