How To Lay A Brick Pathway

Prepare to Lay a Paver Path

Lay out pegs and string lines along the edges of the path. Dig out the path area to a depth of paver height plus a 2-inch (5-cm) sand bed.

Create a Form for the Path

Put treated wood edging into the excavated area. Drive in wooden pegs on the external side of the board to keep it in place.

Lay the Sand Base for the Pavers

Compact the soil with a rammer. Pour sharp sand into the excavated area and use a wooden furring strip notched out at each end to level off the sand surface to the depth required for the pavers.

Prepare to Cut Paver Blocks

Position the paver between the jaws of the block splitter. Align the point you wish to cut.

Cut the Pavers

Lower the handle of the splitter to break the paver in two.

Laying a Paver Path

Lay blocks in your chosen design. Butt each end up against the next.